Hey everyone...updates :)

Okay-so its the weekend so I'm at my parents house. My dad & brothers (Ryan & Korbin) are outside in the yard working on fixing some sprinklers while I'm inside the house listening to music :) . . .

I have 6 more weeks of school left---kind of sad though because I'm not going to see my friends from elementary/middle school at high school. :.( *tear tear* Well it just means new friends to witness too. :) I am going to see if I could invite a couple friends over on friday so they could come to a youth event that night. Hopefully I can. . .I have been doing really well this school year. I have A's :) I started testing last week so I have 2 more weeks to go-ugh! Dreading it!!! But whatever it takes to get to college right?

OKAAY back on topic of the being "reborn" thing...

I saw a post on my moms blog... jandmrowell.blogspot.com ...about me having reborn my fashion sense from tomboy to "girlie"...well in my eyes it's not girlie LOL-I can't ever be girlie unless I pretend to be LOL. But I have been doing the thing with trying out new things & working with what I've got in the closet. LOL It's been a fun experience...So if you see me at church wearing something wierd-I did that for a reason ;)

LOL okay God bless.


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