The END is Near(er)!!!

I'm officially starting countdown! 9 days until I'm off for summer at last!
I have been waiting until it got to the 10th day til I'm out. Now it's here! I get out of school June 17th. I know, it's a really late time to finish middle school. June 11th is the promotion date but what is lame is that we have to do it at the school since we apparently have "so many kids" that we can't go anywhere else. Oh well. We have promotion starting at 6pm until 8pm & the graduating students are having a dinner/"dance" thing from 8pm to 10pm...WOW & on a school night :) The day after that we still go to school BUT we are going to Disneyland from 9am to 9pm. YIPPEE!!! June 15th, we get out yearbooks. OH! June 9th is my track meet, so next Tuesday at La Mirada High! I'm excited because the 2 coaches signed me up for the 100m SPRINT, 440 RELAY(girls), 440 RELAY(co-ed), and the LONG JUMP! OH BOY! Can't wait! If you want any more info leave a comment :)

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