I've been promoted!!! :)

Thursday-June 11th-I got promoted from 8th grade! yippee! I'm free of homework for a few months (even though I still have to go to school for another 3 days). My mom graduated with her Masters from Univ. of Pheonix Saturday! YAY MOMMY!! Well here are some pictures of the graduations. ENJOY!

the view from where we sat

at mommys graduation

mommy & grandma & grandpa
Brian, Rene, & Ruben at promotion
Sergio, Me, & Phillip at promotion

Karla, Me, & Darlene
waiting to be promoted!!!

Jerry, Me & Rene
Aracelli, Me, Brenda, & Emily :)


Emily, Darlene, Me, Christine, Jocelyn, & Gloria

Korbin, Dad, Ryan, Mom, & me

Me with Papaw & Mamaw

Me & my FAVORITE auntie Jodi!!! :)

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