Lang. Arts Project

Oh my word! I'll start from the beginning...
Sometime last week, most likely Monday, our teacher told us that we were going to be doing a project. What's it about Ms. Baker? You have to create a product & make an ad, poster board, THE WORKS, & present it in front of the class by June 5th. She said we were supposed to sign up for jobs (Production Manager, Graphic Artist, Technical Writer, Ad Executive, & Legal Advisor). So obviously I signed up for Production Manager because I always want to be a leader & be the boss etc etc...but now after a week & a half...not so much. I am very stressed over some of my "employees" because they are not exactly doing nothing but fairly close to it. We asked our teacher today if she could extend the due date to June 8th, which will give us more time to finish our project over the weekend. I am really not supposed to be doing any work but I have been a VERy generous "boss" by taking over getting the board done & the powerpoint, as well as some small tasks. Plus I was being very KIND at my grading because my Ad executive is hardly doing anything BUT he came up with alot of the ideas so I gave him some extra points to boost up his grade to at least a "C". My Technical Writer has been a bit off-task but she has done her portion, I hope. The Legal Advisor is doing a great job with helping me out & taking care of his part, while helping me out with the board. The Graphic Artist is doing good as well, helping me out with the board & making sure she is drawing out the product correctly. Overral, I am only stressed by the part it WAS due tomorrow & the powerpoint wasn't exactly finished & neither was the board. Now, I'm about .9% less stressed due to the fact we have more time ot finish. I'm hoping for the best that it will turn out great!

-Meagan Nicole

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