SHOPPING at Ontario Mills

Well, we had a graduation party for my mom & I so we got some money...AND us girls decided to go shopping (me, erika, & brittany). SO it was going to be us 3 & our moms but then the boys wanted to join in LOL. SO we all went & stayed there until it closed :)) In almost every store we went into I bought something (seen in pictures below) We went into...(not in order) V Generation, Forever 21, Burlington Coat Factory, Old Navy, Nordstrom Rack, & Charlotte Russe. WOO WOO!!! cute stuff! :)

purse, 2 shoes, belt, v-neck shirt
i saw this belt on a manican in the store VGeneration
& I HAD to get it at all costs! only $10!!! not bad :)
& then the Vneck shirt also bought at VGENERTAION!

Sandals that i also bought at VGeneration! :) $10 also

I saw VANS at Nordstrom RACK fro $25 && I couldn't pass these up!!!
LOL I had to get them.

Purse at Burlington Coat Factory! $10!!! compared to $35
I was just bargain shopping all day :))

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