Feb. 12...

I hope you like the new layout :)
It was time for a change lol

Last night, I decided I was going to start my blog up again.
(That's why there was a post that was very close to midnight lol)

I'll post some pictures today of what has happened these last 5 months :)

My cousin & I after church...

We are pretty random :)

LOL! But we have so much fun!

I visited family...

We ended up taking some pictures...

This is what came about :)
(around Christmas time)

I had a lot of family bonding time :)

We went to Mt. Baldy on a Friday night
& had a bit of fun taking pictures!

We hiked...
Oh, the joy of being a 'Rowell' :) lol
I LOVE being a Rowell :)

I went to MANY youth services & attended a lot of the youth conferences! :)
They changed my life!
<---This is my uncle & I at West Coast Conference in Fresno, CA.

Yayy!!! :)

Well, this will be the end of this post for now :)

Until next time...

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