February 11th!!!

It's been awhile since I last posted on my blog!!!
My, oh my. It's been WAYYY to long.
How have you been doing!?! :)

Well, here are some updates:  (since the last time I posted & in no specific order)
  • I have grown in my walk with God! :D I feel like a better person....
  • I (officially!) got fed-up with public school!!!! I'll talk about it tomorrow....
  • I attended many youth services that have changed my life....
  • I found out who my favorite preacher is :)
  • Christmas came & went....
  • I got new shoes/clothes etc.etc!
  • The camera broke :( So pictures are very limited...they will be coming off of my moms phone....
  • Made new friends!! :)
  • I am currently doing "Independant Studies" online... YAYY!!!
These are the only ones I can think of tonight!!! More will come tomorrow or Saturday!
Hope you have a good night/day (depends on when you read this)
& God Bless

Until next time...

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