No Limits [Conference]

Hey everyone!!! A few friends & I started up a NEW blog!!!

the website is http://www.hometohomeschoolers.blogspot.com/

Hope all of my readers enjoy it!!!
It's just about a few of us Apostolic Homeschoolers :)
Our days as Christians & students!
We are in the process of making it LOOK nice lol
This is only our first day so bear with us ;)


In other News lol...
A youth conference in Sacramento is coming up!!!
March 3-5!!!
It's going to be awesome!!!
Some annointed preaching & Holy Ghost partying LOL!
If any of you are going, let me know so we can meet up & chat :)
Lol I'm excited for the preaching & to meet up with friends I haven't seen in awhile!
Fun stuff!!! :D

More to come later...
Mom's on the phone with Sis. Steph talking about it right now :)


We also have a drama coming up!!!
It's called "The Day After"
It's about the day after the Rapture! After God takes His people :)
This drama is SUPER annointed!!!!
April 2-4!!!
I can't wait!!! :D

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