The Prayer...part 1

Lord, Jesus, Savior...

(Imagine, a young girl who doesn't know the Lord calling out to Him one night. She doesn't know what to do with her life anymore. Here is here prayer.)

     "Hey God.
     "I went to church Sunday morning... They preached about You. The Pastor said something about You always being there when no one else is. I wanted to see if that's true. Right now, I'm not doing so good. My friends at school aren't answering my texts or phone calls. I really wanted to talk to them. I think You know what's going on in my life and You're just waiting for me to call out to You. Well, here I am. I'm calling out to You. Lord, can You help me?
     "I am tired of being pushed around. I'm sick of doing all the wrong and making my life even worse. I'd do anything to have it fixed! Well God, I'm going to bed. Thanks for listening."

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