Keep on movin' on...

Alright you guys...today, I have been up for about 4 1/2 hours lol. I slept in today because I did all my work yesterday :) I love Independent Studies :) haha!

So, a lot has been going on. I'm moving forward with my walk with God. He is guiding me & leading me down this narrow path. I fell down & there was God, holding His hand out to me. It was just a small fall. I knew I would get back up again the next day but what if I had stayed down? I would have been lost. I would have lost everything God has given me. I would have lost His spirit (the Holy Ghost). I could have stayed down and never tried to get back up again. But God is so good! He reached out to me & said "It's okay. You learned your lesson. Now, let's see how strong you are." :) Past experiences (as well as the future) help you grow stronger & you learn not to do those things again! You don't fall for that temptation again. You're going to win the battle against the devil. :) Because we have God on our side! I can't wait for what my future holds! Living this Apostolic life is great!!! It is a privilege! Don't take it for granted! Listen to our Pastors & Elders! Obey His Word!!! Let's move forward! Starting now!!!

Megg :)

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