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So guys...here's some news. I'll start from the very beginning & work my way towards today :)

First of all, it was a perty big experience for me to go to Sacramento without my parents or family with me! Lol. I was pretty surprised I was able to go with Sis. Stephanie (Hannah's mom), Hannah, Sis. Shirley, & Hannah's little brother David. I had to do extra school work everyday before that week so I wouldn't have A LOT of work to do when I came back!!!! Ahhh! That was the tough part lol. It was so worth it though!!!! Every hour of extra homework payed off! :D
The conference was held at The Rock Church, Bro. Myles Young's church. Absolutely amazing! Every service was powerfully annointed! Every person got touched! Every life must have been changed! I know mine was!!! None of the preachers' words fell to the ground! God moved so mightily in every single service! There is no way to describe how it felt. On Friday night, the service came to a close & it was time for altar call...It was a powerful altar call! There was a lingering spirit there & anyone who was sensitive enough to feel it stayed right where they were. 5 minutes passed...then 10...We were still in the altar, waiting for whatever was going to happen. Bro. Cody Marks gets up & starts to say "I feel like we would be doing Him injustice if we didn't give out a shout of triumph..." & all of a sudden, the ENTIRE place just blows up with shout & worship!!!! Then things started getting Holy Ghost crazy, if you know what I mean :D Jumping & dancing, they started playing & singing again!, people were getting slain in the Holy Ghost, running around the aisles! Running up onto the platform & running around everywhere! The guys were tying their ties onto their heads & everyone was waving around a bunch of the plants we tore up! WOO!!!! If you could only have been there! It was so amazing! I hope all of you guys go next year! I'll be seeing you there :)

Calvary Apostolic Tabernacle
Church has been AMAZING as well!!! I don't know if there is a church quite like ours :) Our youth group is ON FIRE FOR GOD!!! Our youngens, the little kids, are also ON FIRE :) So many of them are getting the Holy Ghost & getting baptized in JESUS NAME!!! :D I think almost all of the boys & girls have the Holy Ghost & been baptized :) It's so awesome to see us (the youth group) be examples to the little ones because when WE jump & shout, THEY do. When WE get into the service, THEY do the same thing!
A message to all the people who are in  the youth group at your church:
BE AN EXAMPLE to these little kids! They look up to you! Whatever you're doing during the service, they will follow you. So, if you're just clapping your hands & staying in your seat, what do you think they are going to do?... You see what I mean... Go to the altar & shout your hair-do out! Go get slain in the Holy Ghost! Let's be the best example we could be!!!
Okay, back to talking about my church lol...We are also doing a DRAMA for Easter weekend!!! April 2, 3 & 4th!!!! If you guys can come, that would be greatly appreciated!!! :) Leave a comment if you want to know all the details about where, when, why? You know, all those types of questions. Lol. Thanks for reading guys!

Until next time,
Megg :) <3

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