Hey :)

Hey you guys.
Here is a pic off my webcam.
I feel so "blaaahhh" today.
Ugh! I'm still recovering from being sick :(

But on the otherhand,
I'm pretty much packed for No Limits.
I'm not leaving until like six o'clock though.
My mamaw came over for a few minutes to help me do
a few last minute touches.
(For what I'm wearing for church)
So, I chucked some outfits I was going to wear
& put new outfits together :)
I love my mamaw <3
Gonna be lookin perty fly ;) lol
alright you guys!
Have an awesome week!!!
I'll update as soon as possible!!!
I don't think there will be any pictures though :(
But anyways, talk to y'all later

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Alynicole94 said...

I hope you have a great time at No Limits...email me when you get back,cuz I haven't talked to you in FOREVER. ♥ you lots n lots! :)