Don't Have Enough Time?

***This is my first hair tutorial everyone. Lol so bare with me okay :)***

Alright, so you know those days where you have 10 minutes to get out the door!? (5 minutes to get dressed and 5 minutes to do your hair) You have to chose a plain and simple outfit and to top it off, you chose a plain and simple hairdo, the granny bun. Now, I'm not saying the granny bun isn't cute but I mean come on. People can tell you're in a rush with that hairdo. :) Lol.

Why don't you try the 5-Minute Do... :)

My Auntie Kristy taught me and a few others this hairdo. It's really simple but if you add enough of your style or a little design, it can look like a cute bun :) So ladies, I give you my first hair tutorial :)

  • Bobby pins!!! (Big and small)
  • 2 hair bands
  • Hairspray (your choice)
  • Mirrors or course ;)

Firstly, I washed my hair and brushed it out. Let's say its morning and you're rushing to get to school/church or whatever and you washed your hair that night, before you went to bed. You're one step ahead :D Lol if you didn't wash your hair that night, then just brush it all out and make sure the tangles are gone. They say that "dirty" (*cough* cemented with hairspray *cough*) hair is good when you're trying to fix it. So if you washed you hair brush your hair out and if you didn't, then STILL, brush your hair out. :)

Secondly, grab a section of hair in the front and keep it away from the rest of your hair which will go in a pony tail. (If your hair is too short in the front to do this, then just bring all your hair (slicked back) into a pony tail. My Auntie Kristy prefers  this do to be at the top of her head (HIGH do) and I prefer it lower. I put my pony tail around the nape of my neck. If you're into HIGH do's then go ahead and put your pony tail at the very top :)

Then, get your other hair band and act like your making another pony tail :) Then on your last wrap, don't pull your hair all the way through. Keep a good portion left out.

Next, you're going to wrap the hair that's hanging out round the hair band. MAKE SURE YOU PIN IT SECURELY!!! You don't want it to fall out!!!

Take that loopy bun thing and pin it to the bottom of your neck :)
Again, make sure this is secure too! :)

And WALLAH!!! We're done with the back :D Pretty simple right? :D

Now, to move onto the front!!! I usually have some bad days (like today) with doing the front of my hair! *Please pardon how ugly it looks* y'all can do waaayyy better :) Mine just was not fixing. Lol. Okay so you can do something simple here too. A pin curl :) Take your hair and wrap it around 4 fingers and place it on your head and pin. Simple. You can do the front ANY way you want it! Whatever you want lol. If you slicked your hair back (which I would prefer for this hairdo because sometimes that pin curl just doesn't stay in the right place!) just put a headband on :) 

There you go :)

Honestly girls, you can do anything with your hair using the first 3 steps! You can pin the bun up higher, separate it, anything you can do with it! :) Simple, simple, simple. :) Love y'all! Hope you find this super helpful on those bad days! <3



Kendra Thaler said...

Nice job Meggers :)

When I grow up and have long hair I'll try this! lol

siscourtneymary said...

This was for me EVERYONE...SO i just wanted to tell you my LIL SISSY LOVES ME