Ingredients For Your Mac&Cheese

Yes, you read the title right :)

Let's say it all together now, "Ingredients for YOUR Mac&Cheese."
Lol sounds like an odd post right?

Well, today I was making mac&cheese for my little brother, Korbin :). Right after I'm done taking the water out, I look in the fridge. (I should have looked in the fridge BEFORE I started making it though.) I realize my mistake ;) but I couldn't find any butter! I was like "OHHH GREAT!!! Korbin you're not going to like it this time!"

So I text my mom saying, "There is no butter!?!?!?!?!?"

She text me and said there were these small little packets of butter inside the door of the fridge. So there is like 6 or 8 of those small cups of butter and I was relieved that I at least had SOME type of butter so it didn't taste TOO bad. The end result was: it actually tasted OKAY :) Lol

But as I was in the process of getting the butter, I thought of doing a post about it. :) I was thinking "Ingredients you need for you walk with God." You need to make sure you have these before you make "YOUR Mac&Cheese."  

1. You obviously need your box of macaroni & cheese

So it holds the noodles and the cheese that you need. Let's say that spiritually, the noodles are the Holy Ghost and since the cheese is what gives it that orange-y color, it is going to be the Holy Ghost glow :) Your noodles is what you eat and NEED in your mac&cheese. Isn't that what makes it MACARONI & CHEESE??? And that Holy Ghost glow comes from receiving the Holy Ghost & speaking in other tongues :D (Go to a nearby Apostolic/Pentecostal church to know what I'm talking about!)  

2. A pan with water.

The water is your baptism (in JESUS name!). Without the water, your (hard) noodles can't "expand" & get soft. You need the water.

3. Where's the butter & milk?

The butter & milk are going to be prayer & fasting. Without butter or without milk, your food won't taste right. They have to go TOGETHER! :D Prayer without fasting is almost like a lost cause. You can achieve some things but when put together, even GREATER things can be accomplished!

All together, they make a perfect bowl of "Mac&Cheese."

Thanks for reading :) Megg...


Kendra Thaler said...

HAHAHAHAHA!! This is so cute/true little sissy!! <3

siscourtneymary said...

WOOOOHOOOOO...Preach Meggerson!!! YAY lil Sissy

Manda Panda:) said...

Man you post some meaningful things on here that always make me check my spirit:) Thanks girl!