A late night post...

Yes, I know it's already 10pm! :( I do realize I haven't posted anything at all today. I kind of had trouble about thinking of what to write about. I tried to post, but FAILED miserably.

So...to start off my first post of the day...

My day was pretty horrible....tonight, it's better ;)

This morning, I woke up around 7:30am...I stayed in bed until 9:30am, when I finally realized I had so much work to do :( Those first "awake" hours were actually "on-and-off sleep". Lol I didn't even feel like texting Kendra back lol! (Sorry ;) haha) I was just so comfortable laying in bed!!!! Hahaha!!! But I had to get up and start my studies :( It was going okay until I remembered I had to redo a test! :'( aghhh!!! Not fun!!!!

But I really don't want to rant talk about my day/night right now lol...That was just a brief summary of what happened ;)

A second thing I'd like to add to this post is....


I know, FOR SURE, it's something I struggle with at times. Especially taking into consideration that I have 2 younger BOY siblings...who tend to get on my nerves about 99.99999% of the day.

All of us have a certain "limit" to how much patience we have. For some, they have NONE. And others...well let's just say we have more patience than those we know that DON'T. We need to have patience with our boss (teenagers-that means your parents), our co-workers (teenagers-that means your siblings), and with our work (teenagers-THAT means your homework).  Yes, sometimes we feel like we have a "reason" to blow up and speak what's really going through our mind but think about where that reaction will lead you too. You could be fired. You can be punished. You could possibly even end up hurting yourself.

While you are thinking about whether or not to speak up, ponder on this one thing. What would God do? Would He really think about punching His boss in the face? Lol I know I may be exaggerating  a bit but honestly, do you think God would do what you're just about to do!?

Rethink what your reaction will be. If this is a problem you're facing, ask that God will give you patience! Remember, you recieve things by trials. So, in order to have patience, you must first pass those tests. Don't keep blowing up! Try to stay calm next time. :)

Love you & I hope this helped. :)


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Kendra Thaler said...

Amen! This is a very good word Miss. Rowell :) Patience is something that we NEED! I sure know its something that I can always improve upon! Love you!!