"The Power & Influence of a Woman"

My pastor, Pastor Clark, preached this message to our ladies last night. I don't know how to describe what happened but it was truly amazing. There was a break in our ladies last night. Our men in the church are really awesome and are more "on top" so to speak. (Sorry, don't know how to describe what is running through my mind) Well, Pastor was saying how he has been in churches where men are on top spiritually, prayer and fasting. Others, the women were the ones running the aisles, praying during pre-service prayer, and working in the altars. Some, he said, were balanced. Both the men and women were used in the service. He said we needed a break through in our ladies TONIGHT!

"Men think with their minds and women think with their hearts."

He started telling us about women in the Bible that had power and influence over men. From Jezebel to Eve (This part was mainly for the married couples but us single, youth girls got some good stuff out of it too). Wives can be a major influence over their husbands. They could make the atmosphere miserable and uncomfortable if they wanted too. They could make their husbands give them what they want by changing that atmosphere. Pastor Clark was giving examples of how a girl in the Bible used a provacative and immoral dance, while the king was drunk, to get "up to half of the kingdom". She asked the king for John the Baptists head on a plate and given to her. Now, the king was sorry he had to do it but he couldn't break an oath, a promise. A woman has so much power over a man, even if the men don't admit it.

Eve was in the garden WITH Adam when the serpent began to talk to her. Pastor was explaining about what he thought happened. Adam let her talk to the serpent. Eve was decieved but Adam was not. If only Adam had said "Let's go Eve! Don't talk to it," maybe those things wouldn't have happened. Adam didn't want to hurt her feelings. It seemed that Eve enjoyed talked to the serpent.

These were just a couple examples of what Pastor said. (I gave a short and brief description) Near the end of the service, he said he was going to call several ladies names. He called out my mom(Sis. Mari), Sis. Miriam, Sis. Joni Ayn, Sis. Grace, Sis. Rachel, and me. He told us to come to the front and stand on the 1st step. He was telling us that God wants to put an even stronger annointing and other things like that. He then had all the other ladies in our church to come up and pray with us. It was so powerful!!! Just a little bit later, we all started to pray for other ladies who needed a touch from God! There were ladies getting slain in the Holy Ghost, getting a break through! Thank you Jesus for what took place last night!!! I can honestly say, that I'm not doing much justice for what God did. I'm trying to explain as best as I can. It was so amazing!

Prepare for more transformations and new changes.


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Kendra Thaler said...

AMAZING nite. Write down the date and never forget it!! :)

I pray that God pours a double portion of annointing upon you! In Jesus name!!!

-Big Sissy