Spring Break :)

Okay, so even if I'm doing independent studies, I still get SPRING BREAK! :) Haha! My brother commented saying, "She's on spring break all the time Mom!" Lol. It was pretty funny!

Now, I'm just home and picking out some spring outfits! I've still been stuck in "Fall/Winter/Autumn" mode, whatever you call it lol. So there has been a lot of black in my outfits these past few spring weeks. :( But I'll get it together soon :) Lol. Just have to start this next week organizing some spring-ish clothes. LOL Does anyone know where to get CUTE sandals (of any kind...) even wedges for this spring/summer?! I am due to get some new ones! The ones from last year are just worn out! Haha...Mine were cheap white ones though. I need some really adorable ones this year :) If you have any suggestions, leave a comment about where & how much! PLEASE & THANK YOU! Oh & also nothing that breaks the bank if you know what I mean ;) Haha.

Is there any cute outfits that you guys have had on or plan on wearing this spring/summer? :)

Love you guys!


Manda Panda:) said...

I get my really cute sandals from Aeropostale and American Eagle... Ive also seen some really cute ones from famous footwear... Hope I helped...lol

MeggRowell said...

Hey Thanks for the help! I'll definitely check 'em out! How much did you get yours for???

Manda Panda:) said...

I got the ones from American Eagle for 28.. But they are really cute and comfy... lol... And right now they are buy one get the second for 1/2 off... American Eagle ones are 16..