To The Girl Who...

I found this article on apostolicnews.org and I thought I needed to share this with all my fellow Apostolic ladies out there :) The Girl Who...

"To the girl who didn’t get asked to the Christmas Banquet

or get a rose on Valentine’s Day,

To the girl who won’t settle for second best
but keeps praying for the right guy to come and sweep her away,
To the girl that watches the “spiritual guys” flirt with the girls that wear their clothes too tight,
To the girl who refuses to wear the short skirts to get attention because she knows it isn’t right,
To the girl who won’t lower herself to stalking and chasing a guy,
To the girl who passes on being the center of attention and settles for being a little shy,
To the girl with the personality that would make a guys head spin,

To the girl who waits patiently at a guy’s heart’s door but is never let in,
To the girl who is called smart, interesting, and cute – but never hot,
To the girl who was passed over for the “ditzy ones” and never forgot,
To the girl who refrained from kissing every guy she dated,
To the girl who won’t ever allow a man to make her feel degraded,
To the girl who demands that every guy treat her with respect,
To the girl who doesn’t hide her face behind make-up because what you see is what you get,
To the girl that doesn’t pretend to be dumb just so some guy can feel smart,
To the girl who takes a stand for what she believes in and is true to her heart,

This is a tribute to all of you
Who don’t think anyone takes notice of all that you do,
All that you stand for
All that you are.
For those of you who still believe God is the author of love and He is watching,
Your Prince is not very far."

By Lorraine M Orozco

Do you like it? :) I do too. Lol

We need to have God take control. We don't need to do what WE want! We need to do what GOD wants!! Do you think He'd want us to flirt with those guys who weren't in the altar praying during pre-service prayer? Do you think He'd like it if we wore tight skirts? Ladies, God will honor us if we just do what is right! He'll bring that special someone into your life when He wants. He'll bring you your very needed best friend when He thinks it's right. I am trying to encourage you (as you read this post) that God is already doing things right now :) Just hang in there lol I know some of my girls that read this blog, He'll do it in due time. :) Just hang in there...


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Kendra Thaler said...

LOVE my apostolic sisters!!!