What's happening?

Alright you guys. :)

Last night, my youth group, that consists of more boys than girls...

(I think the ratio would be something like 5:1, 5 being the boys and 1 being girls)

...went to a SoCal Summit :) a youth conference held in Redlands, CA. Bro. Phil White preached and boy was he preachin'!..... "Wasted at Noonday" ..... Awesome, awesome message! Hopefully some of you reading my post attended this service last night. I bet it helped everyone of us. Little Miguel almost got the Holy Ghost :D He was soo close!!!

So you guys. You definitely don't want to miss another youth service. You wouldn't miss a church service, right!? Well, hello!!! This is a church service...even though there's more youth in this congregation ;)

The next youth service coming up is in San Diego, CA. :) It's called Youth Connect and it is on June 17th and 18th!!! Evangelist Bro. Cody Marks is preaching again :) Definitely don't want to miss it!!! I heard him preach last year at this same conference and also at No Limits. Did I hear he was also preaching at Peak this year?? Well, we'll confirm that sooner than later. Lol We're going to have to check the bulletin board.

Okay guys! Hopefully I'll be seeing y'all soon!

Love you!


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Kendra Thaler said...

Count us in! We are youth/young adults/married couple. So we kinda get to do a little bit of everything and still blend end. Execpt the senior stuff. But we might go to those things too. Lol. Jk ;)

Its gonna be a great remainder of the year! We've had some great moves of God's spirit thus far!

Oh yeah, WE NEED GIRLS IN THE YOUTH GROUP! Start praying little sissy :)