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The Burden for Missions

About 4 months ago, I got to thinking about going out into the mission field. We have had MANY missionaries come through our church in the last several months and I was just imagining what it would be like to go into a country where they have never heard the TRUTH before and just waltz right in and hand it to them on a silver platter. *Of course, it's not that easy most of the time but you know what I mean.*

For about a year now, I have said that I wanted to go to England, whether it be for college (study abroad), my honeymoon (future), or to take a little vacation out there. I just REALLY want to go! Well, back in February, I was telling a friend of mine about the missionaries who preached that night. I think the couple was from Belize. It got me thinking about where I would go if I were a missionary. We were saying how you hear all the missionary reports from third war countries and you don't hear much, if anything, from the other ones. One that we had named was England. I don't know about you but I have never heard of an Apostolic/Pentecostal church in England yet. Not one. *And if there is, then GREAT! Tell me if you have.*

It has been on my mind, everyday (I kid you not), to go to England and be a missionary. Truthfully, as I began to think about the people there, I didn't believe they would accept our doctrine. But just last week, my Pastor told us that we would be having a missionary from IRELAND come and preach for us both services on Sunday. When Bro. Clark said that, I was kind of in shock. I was like, "No way?? Ireland?" So on Sunday when Bro. Lewis told us that most of the people there, 93%, were Catholic...but they are leaving those churches disillusioned and LOOKING for the TRUTH, I was rejoicing!!! Who wouldn't!? It brought me HOPE!

During the night service on Sunday, Pastor Clark had mentioned that there was a tie made between our church and Bro. Lewis. A burden for Ireland. Not so much weeping but FAITH!!!! God will do great things in Ireland! As Bro. Clark was telling us about this and that we need to pray for Bro. Lewis and the people in Ireland, I couldn't help but weep and speak in Tongues. I have a burden for the souls in Ireland and God has already dealt with that country. (people are leaving the Catholic churches because they are finally coming out saying they have been abused and raped. Just like the Pope's ordeal.)

After all this, at the end of altar call, I started to cry for souls in the other countries. I felt like jumping on a plane and bringing them JESUS!!! The SAVIOR!!! The One who we know can heal and save! It came on me so strong at the altar...The burden for missions.

On May 23rd:
~I felt that burden
~a change
~tears streamed down my face as I saw people in other countries getting the Holy Ghost and baptized in Jesus name

Last night, at midnight...I wept and prayed for souls! The burden was so strong!

I will do anything I can to help with missions...and soon...I will go there to be a greater impact. Please pray for Bro. Lewis and his family as they bring the truth to Ireland. And pray for all the other countries who need someone to be the light in the darkness.

God bless.


Kendra Thaler said…
Amen Meg. This is beautiful. This is how I felt the day the Shreikise's came from the Honduras. I couldnt stop crying!! Every time I closed my eyes I saw a street full of childen with eyes shadowed in defeat and abandonment. Sis. Shreikise's testimony did something to me that I will never forget. Brendan and I cannot wait for the opportunity to go where the Lord sends us. Thank God for the burden for missions!!!
Meagan Rowell said…
I remember the Sis from Belize. The one who was originally from Arkansas and I think she said how she felt a calling to the missions field when she was 15 or something like that. I remembered that last night and was just like God, this is it. Sunday night, was my night. I can't wait to see what God unfolds.
Manda Panda:) said…
i know right.. It must be hard.. My cousin and her husband are missionaries in Brazil and she gets robbed and stuff all the time and when she went there she didnt even know the language!!! btw it is John John and Jessica Lambeth. Her father is my Uncle he pastors in Fontana, CA. He is Elder Frazier:))

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