Can I just say...


Really! Seriously! AND No joke!

Now, I wear knee-length or longer skirts... 3/4 length or longer sleeves...and high necklines...but I just REALLY don't get what is SOOO flattering about showing your legs?? No matter how tall you are and how "good" you think you look...I don't EVEN want to point out things I have seen when I see girls in their shorts and mini skirts. *cringes*

And really....crop tops? ugly-one-color nailpolish? bright and dark lipstick? those too-short-so-you-can-see-everything dresses? wearing leggings as pants? ridiculous Lady Gaga outfits? sky-high heels?

***Don't get me wrong! I love high heels! I have a ton of them!!! I can get all of my shorter-than-5'-5'' friends to shout amen! But some of these ones that I have been seeing lately are just TOO OVER THE TOP... would you like an example?

Do you see what I mean? You have more of a chance of breaking your ankle in these than in the heels I wear. My tallest pair are probably 4 inches...maybe! LOOK AT THOSE! Imagine trying to shout...actually, imagine trying to WALK in those! *tries walking...breaks ankle* omw...thats just too much.***

What ever happened to girls having respect for themselves? I seem to only find that in our kind of churches. Girls, in the world, used to dress appropriately...I had friends who dressed modestly and they weren't in church. I remember being in 6th grade and the short-shorts came in to my school...I actually remember short-shorts back when I was in 1st grade...I saw the older girls wearing them. It was ridiculous and it still is :/

What ever happened to standing up for modesty? *I know most of the girls (and guys) who read my blog, stand up for it. I'm not talking to you. I'm just expressing my feelings on this topic.* It seems like some people just don't care anymore. Some churches are letting go of standards. I remember hearing stories that back in the day (older people were telling me) it was pretty much a shame to be UNmodest. Why can't it be like that now?

And one very important question is...will modesty ever be brought back(into the world)? I know our Apostolic/Pentecostal churches are modest but I'm talking about the world...The fashion...will high necklines and long (our kind of long) skirts ever make their way back? /: It's sad to see girls walking down the streets (and now that summer has come, it'll be even worse) looking so UNmodest...

My Sisters and Brothers who read my blog, let's STAND UP for modesty! Even if you wear a borderline or too-short skirt everyday, people are STILL going to ask you why you wear skirts everyday! (I am not saying that we should wear short skirts!) You might as well wear them BELOW your knee! And guys, the same goes for you and your clothing. *I can't acknowledge you guys very much due to the fact that I am not a guy lol*

I hope you get the message of this post...

MODESTY...you're either for it or against it! Nothing inbetween.


Kendra Thaler said...

HAHA!! I want those shoes!! :)

Sean Thaler said...

ummmm excuse me, i have an objection to the scripture used in Figure 1 referring to Matthew 5:8. That scripture refers to being pure in heart, which does not make sense completely. It does not because there are many Apostolic girls who wear modest clothing but are not pure in heart, which is why standards are being let go and those girls just rely on mommy and daddy's prayers to keep them pure. (You may ask yourself why is Sean doing this, and the answer is that im amazingly bored right now at Courtney's house and need something to do without creating another blog. LOL) So back to my objection a more useful and less contradicting scripture would be one such as 1 Timothy 2:9, thus making a better well rounded declaration of modesty. Hope my boredom that resulted in this long objection may help someone LOL. The grace of our LORD Jesus be with all. Amen. (Revelation 22:21) LOL ahahaha

Ruthven said...

Sean.. if you were actually pure in heart, you would show it through your clothes. 'K?

Anyway, girl, this is a great blog you have! I have a couple faith-based blogs myself (though I need to work on mine... yours is godlier than both of mine, though I try). keep at it!

Anonymous said...

Just curious do you count 3/4 right above the elbow or covering? :)