Dear Hannah (Gettys),

HEY Hannah!

This post is straight to you lol!
Okay, I'm sure you've already seen this picture up on facebook
or else he sent it to you BUT I'll let you know ABOUT the picture lol!!
We took this last night, right after church, when we were all about to leave.
We were messing around and Alfonso (this guy at our church) was telling us about sign team and when we had practice....Well! I was like "HEY!!! Fons! Take a picture of me & Jonathan!" And THEN I said "Make sure its not ALL DARK!" So we kinda ended up facing "the light"...or light pole-whatever-thing. And we were just gnna do a NORMAL picture lol but then Jonathan & I looked off into the distance, looking like retards because it took about 2 minutes for Fons to take the picture ;)! LOL! But as we were about to take the picture (& it was gnna look hecka tight!) Jonathan turns to me and says "You're looking away right!? Cuz I don't want to look like a retard!" *snap* Fons took the picture...So we had to re-do it...And this pic is the re-do...doesn't look as tight as the first one woulda been but oh well!

There you go :)
Love you Hannah!



peaceluvbarbiedawl said...

aww! jonathan is sooo cute!!! ahhhh! whooo he takes muh breath away haha. love you meagennnn!

Dawling Couture said...

just going through your blog at work and i saw this! aww this was just over a year ago. soo much has happened its crazy! i miss that boy so much! and you!! cant wait to see you guys this summer!