The Deletion of My Facebook

On January 28th, I deleted my facebook that I had for over a year :) I had around 400-500 friends...and a ton of junk in my news feed from farmville to quizzes. Lol.

It all started on a wednesday night...a youth service at the Fontana church. I forgot who was preaching but the preacher said something about facebook...a negative thing....that brought forth a conviction. Now, it was not as easy as you think (to delete it). I had a ton of friends that I had to give up because that was our only means of communication. It was pretty tough :(

So I said that I will give myself a week to say goodbye to everybody and get peoples emails/numbers. Thursday, the next day, I went to school and I was just like, man! I reallyyyy need to delete it!!!! Aunt Sue's party was that night so I couldn't go to the youth service that night. I decided that I would delete it when I got home... :) As soon as I got home (it was pretty late, around 10pm) and I posted a status saying goodbye! EVERYONE was leaving comments! Saying how they will miss me ;) and that they were proud of me lol. So that lasted about 30 minutes of trying to say a rushed goodbye lol! I couldn't wait until I clicked the "deactivate" button :)

Ahh....the relief when I deleted it...some people had some negative comments, "you'll be on next week. you won't last." ;) LOL well here I am today, 4 months of freedom!!!! :D And still counting! BOOYAHH!!! In your face!! ;)

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