Hello :)

Just sitting here in the dining room :) Today was good. Full of fun family time. Lol. Unfortunately, I cleaned most of the day ;) Haha Mamaw is probably going to laugh when she sees this. Uncle Sam reminded me to post about this:

I cleaned windows today! How exciting! ;D ahaha! It took me forever to do! I don't even want to talk about it! LOL I just wanted to mention what I did most of my day :)

So an update about Aunt Sue:
She had a little episode today :( It was heartbreaking. I didn't see it but Mamaw and Auntie Deb did. Aunt Sue couldn't sleep last night (at all!) so we got her some medicine for "Restless Legs Syndrome". We were told that it will help her sleep! We are praying that she gets a good nights rest.

Sorry that this post has been so short but I really need to go.

Love you all :)

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