High Hair Pictures(:

And here are the pictures of my hair for tonight :)
Lol I feel like it's a Sunday night or I'm going to a conference!
Haha but I love it! :)
Leave comments!!!!

Oh & if you want me to do a little tutorial about how I got it to look like this then let me know :)



Kendra Thaler said...

Haha very cute :) once I saw it in person I was able to see how adorable it is!

Alynicole94 said...

haha,this is adorable,meag...you need to tell me how to do it! please ;)

DaddysSweettart2 said...

OHH how adorable!! <3 how do you do it!!??

Tara said...

Totally cute! Please share how to do this as my failed attempts always look hideous!