Look Who's Preachin'

Do any of y'all have a favorite preacher??? Who is it?? And most importantly, why?

Is it because of their "preacher voice"?

"AND GOD SAID...*ah hah*...LET THERE BE LIGHT!...*ah hah*...Can I get an amen!?"

Lol or is it because that your favorite preacher preaches for about 10 minutes...and then it's time for a shout down? :)

"I'm not gonna take long tonight...."

Is it a combination??

"Woooo!!!...*ah hah*...I know I just started preaching...*ah hah*....but I feel like some of you need to come down to this altar and stomp on the devil!..."

Lol well, I can honestly say, my favorite preachers tend to be short-winded and have A LOT of the "preacher voice" going on :) haha!

Leave a comment with your favorite preachers name & why that preacher is YOUR preacher!! :)

*Your answers will help me write the next post*

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