"New" Clothes Tip #1

Hey Ladies! :D

Have you been feeling like you have NOTHING to wear to church or youth conferences that are coming up? Can't afford to buy new clothes or just don't have time to run to the store and buy a new clothing item?

Well, I found a SMALL SOLUTION for us girls who live with our mom, a girl friend or sister (who may be a little bigger than us) with cute style! :) Yayy! But I'm pretty sure that sisters and girl friends already share clothes lol but for those of us who don't have sisters...I give you my FIRST "New" Clothes Tip :)

Just on Sunday evening, I couldn't find my black shirt that I wear frequently (when I don't know what else to wear & yes it gets washed every time lol). I was kind of going crazy! I NEEDED that black shirt...I couldn't find anything else I wanted to wear that night...buuuttttt, I looked in my mom's closet for a shirt that might match! Just in case she had anything.

***Now, for those of you who don't know my mom, she is a little bigger than me (bigger sizes). Like in jackets, I wear a 2P and she wears a 6. With skirts, she is several sizes bigger than me so I can't fit into her skirts. And with her shirts, they are too big and baggy on me.***

Well ladies...for me, the problem is that my mom's clothes are TOO BIG! >:( She has some cute stuff too!

So when I looked in her closet, I found a blouse she has had FOREVER and thought, "This will go PERFECT with my outfit for tonight!" It was all around too big but I had a few tricks up my sleeve :)

You see, I planned on wearing a high-waisted skirt with a belt...And that solves the problem with the shirt being to big around my waist/bust. All you have to do is tuck it into your skirt :) SIMPLE, right!? So the next time you want to wear your mom's shirt, tuck it in so it doesn't seem too baggy!!!

Next were the sleeves :/ If your mom has longer arms than you do, either roll the sleeves up to your wrist or scrunch them up to your elbow...For my mom's shirt, the sleeves were at a weird length but they had a scrunchy cuff (at an odd length between my elbow and wrist). So I moved to scrunchy part above my elbow and let all the extra material hang down (below my elbow) to make it modest.

And of course, I think WE ALL have a problem with our necklines being TOO LOW! So I put a shirt underneath that would fix that problem :)

And wallah! ------->

*Remember to tuck in shirts that are too big, roll up sleeves that are too long, and bring that neckline up! :)

Love Megaroo <3
P.S. Hope this helps!

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