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A Peculiar People

I'd like to mention a couple things before I start writing the rest of this post:

Sunday morning, Bro. Bobby Lewis, a missionary from Ireland, preached "Everything." Sunday night, he preached "A Peculiar People." Both services, he was led of the Holy Ghost. It was just so amazing!

One scripture that he quoted for in the night service was 1 Peter 2:9..."But ye are a CHOSEN generation,"...*SHOUTS and JUMPS!*...he says, "Now, we can worship on just that!"..."a ROYAL priesthood,"...he shouts, "We can worship a little more with this!"..."an HOLY nation,"...shouting, "We can shout more with that! But here is the verse where it gets a little quiet sometimes"..."a PECULIAR people;"...

And if you know my church, you just KNOW that we were going crazy by this point! WILD and jumping and shouting!!!!!

He went on talking (more like shouting lol) about why people may think WE are the ones who are odd, peculiar, a "weirdo."

~running the aisles
~Holy rollin'
~dancing (in the Spirit)

ALL kinds of things! He said, "Well! You know what!? I'd rather be in church than getting drunk! Than getting shot up with all those drugs! I roll on Holy High!..." (something along those lines lol)

Bro. Lewis then showed us a picture he found when he search "peculiar."

And he told us about Job and how the devil asked God to remove the HEDGE around Job because he couldn't get him on any side! God's circle around us is so strong! Bro. Lewis was preaching that when the devil starts trying to discourage you by saying, "Your children are going to backslide", "you are going to lose your job", "you won't have any money"...(etc.) IT IS BECAUSE THE DEVIL CAN'T TOUCH YOUR CHILDREN, HE CAN'T TOUCH YOUR JOB, AND HE CAN'T TOUCH YOU! The devil is a LIAR!!! YOUR KIDS WILL STAY IN CHURCH, YOU HAVE YOUR JOB, AND YOU ARE STILL LIVING FOR GOD! And if you do find yourself facing a problem, GOD ALLOWED the devil to touch you! It's in the (God's) circle around you so that means that problem is controlled by God!

He quoted MANY other scriptures about God's mercy, truth, a HEDGE around us!

So many things happened in the services! TRULY AMAZING! Thank you Jesus!!!! I can't explain everything he preached and everything that took place but I highlighted a couple points.

And at the end of the service, I just felt God's calling...Now, that is a whole other post...that is going to take much prayer and fasting :) so stay tuned :)

*I'm sorry but I'm not giving these services enough justice lol it's a "you had to be there" service (like all services). You can't explain it enough...and this is a little reminder of what took place tonight! A little memory saved on my blog :)*


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