A Road That Has Not Been Walked On

I'm so sorry for not posting these last few days! I'll make up for it :) I promise. I've been busy with church and school. You have NO IDEA how much school work I have been doing to get ahead of schedule so I can finish early! Trust me, you have NO IDEA! *Let's just say that yesterday, I did homework from the time I woke up...until I finally decided to go to bed! I also have some friends who can be my witnesses lol!*

So today, I have done a bajillion extra lessons (& I'm still working on some)...This is an excerpt of the discussion I had to do for my Honors English class: about taking a path that is less travelled. :)

"A Road That Has Not Been Walked On

Thinking about the times where I had to choose whether or not to go down the path most taken or the path less traveled, I find that taking the path that is less traveled is more challenging. You don’t have a lot of experience on this road and you don’t have a lot of people to turn to for advice and guidance. Although, there is something about the path that draws you in and it looks more exciting. There are new tasks to undergo and new accomplishments to achieve. The crossroad in your life determines many events that will take place in your future.

Personally, I think it is a good idea to take a chance once in awhile and take the path that is rarely visited. It’s a new challenge waiting. It could be taking Advanced Placement (AP) courses or changing your clothing style. For me, I always want to take higher and extra courses because I want to have more of a chance to finish high school earlier than normal or to get a free ride to a university. I know, it sounds like you would die from so much work but it is a path I have already started walking on. I may get tired along the way but I’ll just take a little snack out of my backpack and keep on walking. I won’t turn around and head back to ‘home sweet home’..."

What do you think? Did I do a good job? Lol, it probably sounds horrible but hey I tried ;)

Loves--->Meggers :)


Kendra Thaler said...

Lol good job! I'm very proud of you for all your hard work! Keep it up girl!! :)


Alynicole94 said...

I love it,Meag!! =) you're amazing...don't ever change! ♥