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The Strange Things

Today, I wasn't going to post anything lengthy but all of a sudden,
here comes a thought...and a post.

As I'm sitting at my desk, I have no idea what this thought is about.
I'll just let the Holy Ghost guide my fingers along the keyboard.
Bare with me.

"Now therefore put away, [said he], the strange gods which [are] among you,
and incline your heart unto the Lord God of Israel." - Joshua 24:23

"And they put away the strange gods from among them, and served the Lord:..." -Judges 10:16

Incline means "to lean" or "to bend." So when it says to incline your heart to the Lord, he is saying to make your heart lean toward God. The word "gods" in this scripture doesn't just mean that guy buddha, or some other god you think you're serving. It ALSO means "any deified person or object. an idol." If you don't believe me, check out and I bet you use their definitions too. Now, if you don't know what an "idol" is...

The word origin for idol:

mid-13c., "image of a deity as an object of (pagan) worship," from O.Fr. idole, from L.L. idolum "image (mental or physical), form," used in Church L. for "false god," from Gk. eidolon "appearance," later "mental image, apparition, phantom," also "material image, statue," from eidos "form" (see -oid). Figurative sense of "something idolized" is first recorded 1560s. Meaning "a person so adored" is from 1590s; hence idolize (1590s).
Check out those BOLD words :) An idol is an object of worship, a FALSE god, a material image or statue...a person (or thing) that's adored. I know that some of us have said "they're my idol!" when you're looking up to someone. (Could be a friend, celebrity, cartoon character??) Ahhh, wrong thing to say my friend. I can honestly say that looking up to celebrities is a bad, bad, BAD thing. First off, look at the way they're dressed and the make-up they wear!!!! *GAG* Secondly, do you know anything about them? Besides that her/his #1 song is "_______"??? Thirdly, they don't look like they're in church. Don't you agree? The ONLY people you should be looking up to, inspired by, and influencing you are people who are IN church! Stay away from those fake barbies.
Now, if you are serving some so-called "god" example I had said, Buddha or Confucious or whatever else is out there better stop what you're doing, get a Bible, go online and find an Apostolic, Jesus-name-baptism, Holy-Ghost-filled, church! If you need any help finding one, leave me a comment and I'll give you some guidance.
So you're really adoring that pair of Alexander McQueen's (place any other name brand and clothing/shoes)??? If they become your #1 priority and are ABOVE paying your tithes, you better turn the other direction! Let's move those shoes to the bottom of the list, please.
Are you asking, "what about my friends?" Okay, if your friend is IN church and ON FIRE for God, praising and worshipping throughout the service, you have a GREAT friend and I encourage you to keep that friend if they are always doing right. But please, don't be saying that they are your idol. They inspire you to live for God with everything you've got!
Throw away those idols in your home. Stop looking at celebrity's pictures and move as far as you can from them. If you have any questions, "is ____ an idol?" go ahead and leave a comment. But first, pray about it and ask God what to do.
*All definitions were from*


Kendra Thaler said…
Umm ok well. I think this is safe to say.. Hold on just one second..

*runs to rooftop and shouts*

Unknown said…
Awesome Megee!!!
to Kendras comment... lol lol I love it!

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