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To The Guy Who...

To the guy who didn't get labeled as the tall, dark, and handsome kind.
To the guy who was never appreciated for his sincerity, humility, and brilliant mind.
To the guy who none of the girls considered as more than their friend.
To the guy who watched silently as the bad boys broke their heart over and over again
To the guy who heard a dirty joke and knew he had to walk away.
To the guy who always does the right thing and wont let pride and ego stand in his way.
To the guy who decided not to let sports, cars, and the gym dominate his world.
To the guy who still believes in chivalry and knows how treat a girl.
To the guy who considers true character before asking a girl out on a date.
 To the guy who knows that sex can wait for the one he will call his wife and soul mate.
To the guy who is not impressed with the young girls that are caught up in their own worldly vanity.
To the guy who wants a girl who is holy both on the inside and out because that is what qualifies as real beauty.
To the guy who looks across the aisle and falls in love with the way she worships the Lord.
To the guy who is on his knees in prayer and never fails to read the word.

This is to all of you who continue to stay strong and walk straight forward.
Be of good courage because in due season you will reap your reward.
The Lord sees that your heart and thoughts are pure in everything you do.
He will bless and make every dream come true.

*Found on someones blog...they had wrote it :)*


Mary Frances said…
Awwwwww my friend Lorraine wrote that!!!

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