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What to do??

I was kind of thinking about doing a fast from heat products or hairspray...?
Lol I really want my hair to grow and I have been thinking about this all day...

If I didn't use any heat products:
~no curling *tears* ;)
~no straightening (I hardly did that anyway)
~no blow drying (I don't use it much)

Doesn't seem too hard...I would do this until PEAK

If I didn't use hairspray:
~hair do's would fall down easily
~no High Hair
~easy hair do's :)

*Only for a week* From Sunday to Sunday lol :)

I don't know...What do you suggest??? I'm thinking I could do both...

Meggs<3 :)


Kendra Thaler said…
Hmm idk about calling it a fast haha. But I think if its an option for healthy hair, go for it! Try maybe only using products once a week- like sundays! And during the week focus on deep conditioning and protective types of styles. I know that many would agree (Joni, Kristy, Courtney, Geanie, etc) that if you can deep condition your hair once a week, it makes a big difference. Wash it, condition it but don't wash out the conditioner. Wear it in a tight bun all day. Rinse the conditioner out at night! :) Also, I know Geanie uses all natural produts on her hair. There are natural stores where they make shampoos & conditioners that are only from all natural products! Maybe try something like that too. Lots of chemicals in MOST products are BAD news for your hair :)

Hope that helps!! Loves!
Meagan Rowell said…
Ahahaha, well...I didn't know what else to call it ;) I see t as fast lol!

Lol thanks for the help! :) The only "protective style" for my kinda hair is a bun lol unless I do braids...hmm...gnna think about that ;)

:D Meggs
Mary Frances said…
Heeey Meagan,
I honestly don't know how to do it. There are some templates that are already done that you can use but I didn't want that because I like havin my OWN stuff up. I tried googlin how to do it and it gave good directions but I still kinda messed it up with the codes and stuff. So I have my password to a friend that is pretty good at that kind of stuff and she did it for me! I wish I could help you!!! I can give you my friends email if you want!
Mary Frances said…

this is a really cute pre-made template that has three columns
btw- I love your blog I need to keep up on it!!! Where did you get that little iskirt thing? I LOVE it!!!
Mary Frances said…
Btw- about this post! TRY hair vitamins! They sell them at wal-mart--thats what I did! And curlin your hair everyday is bad for it so I try and just do in on SUndays or special events. Massagin your head helps- can't remember why!LOL! Also PRAY for your hair! Ulitmately, though, REMEMBER, long hair is simply UNCUT hair and thats all God desire's of us!!! :)
AND yeah email that pic to me!
Btw-are you related to the Bro. Rowell that pastors in Yuma AZ?
Meagan Rowell said…
kay thanks Mary!! :D

Yahh, I only curl it on sunday or wednesday (or special services)...I don't curl it ALL the time :/ I know thats bad...

k I'll send it to you now! :D

And yes! I am related to Bro Rowell :) he is my cousin (but since he is so much older, I call him Uncle Jerry) :) lol
Manda Panda:) said…
I personally couldnt live without either.. But I have very healthy and long hair... Usually I do a hot oil treatment like after Sunday Night church because after 2 hair dos in one day it tends to be and When I put any heating product on my hair I use John Frieda Heat Defeat spray.. It even works with my hotsticks:) And it only cost about $4 and the bottle lasts forever!!!!almost:) hee hee.. Also it is good for your hair if you pick about 3 different brand shampoo and conditioners and change them up ever couple of weeks. otherwise your hair gets too used to the product and it doesnt serve its purpose... Another thing I use when I get out of the shower from washing my hair is Garnier Fructis Nutrient sppray.. Only put it on the end though.. I hope I was a little bit of a help.. I love helping my fellow Apostolic young ladies:))

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