Youth Hiking Trip :)

Saturday, Calvary Youth went hiking :) Most of our youth group was there. Some had to work :( But here are some pictures (with captions lol) of what happened.

Miguel, Felipa & I in the car (Uncle Jeffrey driving)
We had to stop to get the parking passes or something.
Lol our car was pretty fun!

Lil' Miguel, Michael & I...We got outta the cars and chilled for a few minutes while they got the parking passes. Lol This was in Jer's car. Me in the driving seat ;) Hahaha! On the way back down the mountain, they played chinese fire drill...LOL it was so funny watching them!

We didn't stay to the trail the first half of our hike UP!
We climbed rocks and jumped from on side to the other...
Several guys took risks and ended up falling into the water ;)
Fun stuff & major work out lol

This tree had the BIGGEST ants on it, and we were right over the stream with tons of rocks. We would have died if we fell. Lol And trust me, I felt like I was going to fall a few times ;) But I had to hold on to Moses, Jonathan or Miguel the whole time ahaha I did NOT want to fall lol! Anyways, this was where we had a group pic...Uncle Jeffrey got it on Steven's camera.

Jonathan (a.k.a. Jonny boy) & I :)
Our group was wayyy ahead so we decided to...
(See picture below) LOL!

A few of us were WAY ahead of the group and decided to take a detour :) HIKE to the snow! Which was on the other side of where we were...we had to go down (& then climb back up after) a steep hill, climb over rocks, get dirty(er) & eat/touch/throw snow :) Had a blast!
Lauren, Samuel, Miguel, Jonathan, Moses, & Me (taking the picture lol)

This is where we stopped to eat and chill out. And also where we decided to head back home...it was already well past 1 o'clock. **Moses & Jonathan V. went & filled up their backpacks with snow so we could put some of our drinks in there :) So that was their 2nd trip to the snow patch lol

Yes, we are eating candy...You gotta problem with that?

Michael! :) Chillin at a cabin...eating :D

Some Calvary Youth :)
TOP ROW: Michail V., Devin, Samuel, Me, Fons, Jonathan B.
MIDDLE: Felipa, Brittani, Justin, Jeremy, Jacob, Moses, Steven O., Izzy, Steven V.
BOTTOM: Jonathan V, Miguel, Lauren

Miguel, me & Lauren at the end of the hike :) Walking to the cars!
....We took another group shot (also on Steven's camera)...
About 10 of us ran down the mountain :) Yes, I said RAN. Lol I think Moses fell once but got saved by a tree lol we screamed like we were running the aisles (which is what it felt like pretty much...except there were rocks haha!) Talk about work out! I was so sore (Still am!) Lauren ran too lol Thas' my girl ;)

Bro. (Uncle) Jeffrey Rowell laying on the ground, in front of the church,
after his team won the scavenger hunt :) Woo woo!!!

His team:
Justin, Me, Miguel, Felipa, Brittani, Moses, Jonathan B., & Lauren :)

*ALL pics were taken on my phone (I have a pretty good camera phone lol) & edited on picnik.com :)*

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