Crazy and Just Plain Lazy :p

          I haven't posted in about a week

Sorry about that :/

I'll try and get better...I promise :)


This past weekend:

Courtney, Misha, Elijah (Courtney's friend), Isaiah (Elijah's brother), and Sean came down to visit this weeked. They got here reeaaallly early Friday morning & left late Sunday night after church :( awww! *Love you Court & Mish*

Sean stayed here :D *YES!* He is going to be in the Ontario area for another week and a half *Double YES!* And we have been hanging out almost everyday :) I've had so much fun!

Here are a few pictures:

This is Misha :D She is sooo funny-like you have no idea :p
haha! We had some fun times hanging out!! :D

Courtney :) CUTE PIC :D lol my sissy :) Love you!

Sunday night! *before we shout out our hair* lol
Megg, Kennie, Court and Misha

Ahhh yes....That IS the guys pushing our youth van in the gas station...we kind of ran out of propane (it runs on propane instead of gas) Lol going on an ice-cream-run wasn't such a good idea :p

Big Sissy Kendra :) Today, she picked me up from my house and we went grocery shopping then went to go pick up B (Brendan, her husband) and Sean :) (B's lil brother) to go suit/shoe shopping lol We had a blast!!!!

Still in the mall! Yes until like 4:30pm :)

These were some shoes we saw ;) woo wee! They were pretty sparkly lol I don't know if I'd wear those to church :p ahahah! We just HAD to take a picture! ahahah!

And the LAST picture of the day :p lol


Kendra Thaler said...

haha this has been so fun! We're just enjoyin this summer to the fullest!

Kelsey said...

Hey Meagan!! THank you for leaving ur link for your blog!!
I like ur blog it's really cute!!
and I'm also gunna ad u to my fav's

love ya!