Crazy Weekend...

Hey everyone :) Hope you all had an awesome memorial day (and weekend)! I did :) I'm sore, sick and tired lol that's how good it was.


~we had a family gathering at my house...talk about a lot of people! lol
~we rode our bikes to Moses and Jonathan's house.
~rode our bikes to Chaffey
~the boys and guys played in dirt at the Chaffey field
~guys went swimming
~ladies/girls stuck our feet in the pool
~family and friends played a "friendly" game of "softball" ;) lol
~Justin dunked his head in the pool
~I went in the pool all the way (with all my clothes on) :)
~then Michael (my cousin) decided to join me
~then I got out so all the other guys could go swimming
~threw Tristen (cousin) in the pool :) muahaha!
~Someone tried to throw me in but they ended up in there ;) hahaa!
~Dried off and went inside
~Relaxed when everyone left (Brooklynn and Tristen spent the night)
~then cleaned


~CHURCH!!! in the morning
~Brook and I rode our bikes some more up Euclid
~Got ready for church because I had to be there at 3:30 for sign practice
~CHURCH!!! in the evening
~2 more people got filled with the Holy Ghost and baptized!
~Got a text from my cousin Erika saying she had gotten baptized at her church! THANK YOU JESUS!!!!
~Brittani spent the night :)
~Didn't go to sleep!


~Still AWAKE & SORE!!! GAHH!!
~Brittani braided my hair :)
~Took a nap around 7...
~Got a text from Kendra about 30 minutes later ;)
~Britt and I got dressed and went outside and took a walk
~went to Kendra and B's old house and helped paint
~got dropped off back home
~started to fall asleep but we had to head to El Dorado Park (near Long Beach and Cerritos)
~played and ate at the park (rode bikes)
~played catch and batted
~tried catching Justin's pop fly but couldn't see anything and my other hand got hit (really bad)
~decided to go to the beach
(Jonathan said it would take 20 minutes to get there)
~rode our bikes along the river bed....pedaling against the wind
~took streets to the beach after we rode on the riverbed for awhile
~TOOK FOREVER!!! And finallywe made it there
~rested for 5 minutes and had to head back
~took a couple detours
~got a call saying we had to ride to Auntie Nicole & Uncle Jared's house which is 4 miles away from El Dorado
~got there around 7pm (and our journey to the beach had started around 4pm)
~got another call saying we either had to wait for an hour for them to pick us up at the house or we had to ride to Mamaws...
~Britt and I ended up riding to Mamaw & Papaw's....
~hung out with family
~left and we totally knocked out in the car
~dropped Brittani off at her house (I didn't know we had cuz I was fast asleep lol)
~got home and I didn't wake up until 1:30pm-ish :/

Tough weekend, huh??

And the results fromt his weekend are:

-VERY sick
-VERY sore
-VERY tired
-swollen hand
-hurting back
-etc etc

*Here are some pictures!*

Braids :)

Riding on the riverbed

Riding down the street :) a glimpse of the ocean from this point
so our ride wasn't a total waste ;)

Long Beach!

Bikes :) at the beach


Kendra Thaler said...

FUN FUN! Love the pics!! Are the braids still in??

Meagan Rowell said...

YES THEY ARE STILL IN!!! I don't feel like redoing the ends that are coming undone...I'll do it tomorrow lol