♥For the Love of Summer♥

Long time no post ;)
I have had some busy and exciting weeks this summer! :) I (officially) got out of school last friday!!! :D whew! No more school work for a couple months lol...Well ever since then, I've been out shopping, eating, boogie boarding, took a trip to the fabric store, Youth Connect in Chula Vista :), FATHERS DAY, and just hanging out with my best buds :)

I have pretty much hung out with Kendra, Brendan and Sean everyday (almost!) :) I have had the best time being able to spend time with them-*cough* Sean *cough* ;)-heehee From nearly falling asleep to Kendra playing the piano to a trip to the grocery store lol Thanks Sissy for the good times :D

Also, this past friday was Youth Connect in Chula Vista. Bro. Cody Marks preached! What an awesome message!!!! I want to be a soulwinner! I believe that the message was preached directly to my youth group! AMAZING!!

Saturday, I went to Lumont (near Bakersfield) with Sis. Bev, Rachel and Miriam to Bro. Mantooths church for a spanish service! It was awesome! Miriam translated for me lol :) *Sis. Bev and I don't understand Spanish all that well so YES, we needed a translator lol*

Father's Day has come and gone lol and I didn't even do a post (Sorry Daddy!) lol Well, here is a LATE Happy Fathers Day! *Hey! It still counts right ;)*

And now, this weekend (Friday, Saturday and Sunday morning) is the ladies retreat :) We are going to be spending these 3 days having a blast together! I can't wait! *I still need to pack before we leave in the morning! yikes!* I'll miss someone ;) but hopefully I'll still have phone service lol *prays, "PLEASSEEE GOD!!!"*


So much fun in store :)

Here are a few pictures-hope you like love :)

Stay tuned for more posts about my summer!

Leave a comment about what you are doing this summer!!! Any ideas!?

Much love :)


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Kendra Thaler said...

sheesh!! I see you like hanging out with me *ahem* NOT *ahem*