No Explanation-No Answer-Not Much

"...And God sent an email explaining everything..."

Naww...I don't think it works that way. Sometimes God doesn't always answer with much clarity. Yes, it's true that He has specifically told someone to go preach or to go be a missionary but just sometimes....sometimes God wants you (and I) to go after something we felt one service. It may not have been a "Here you go. Here is your calling," but more of a slight touch. A will-you-drop-everything-just-because-you-had-a-small-feeling-that-you-would-be-of-great-use-in-the-Kingdom-of-God kind of call?

The small touch you felt at the service that changed your life and your walk with God. The call to preach, to be an evangelist, a pastor...or the wife of a great man of God. It's all very important. I know we all want to know what the WILL OF GOD is in our life. We will spend hours in prayer just asking God what it is He wants to do! And usually we just have to go off of a slight touch...

(to be continued)