Old Pictures(:

Like most families-we take pictures. Not only do we take pictures-we used to develop them. Not only did we develop them-we put them in scrapbooks which were put into boxes...Are you getting the picture?

Well, if not lol then let me just tell you that I was going through a box that had developed pictures in it :) Haha! I think the most recent picture was from 2006 (a picture of Shelby & I at the Bellflower church)

And thank goodness that my dad hooked up the scanner right next to my computer! Lol! I scanned a few of them (oookayyy-maybe like 20 or something) ;) And here they are:

*First day of first grade :) Shelby and I going to ILC (Intensive Learning Center)*

Top: Me :) at ILC playground
Bottom: Me, Ryan and Shells at Knotts probably :) We always went!

2000-2001 :) Class picture
I remember a lot of them! :D

Back at the house on Woodruff :)
*That was my Uncle Jeff's bike in the back I think*

CHUNKERS (Ryan) and I :) aww!
What happened to him!? Lol jk!

Daddy and Ryan :) cute!

Ryan, Daddy and I :) Really old!
Ryan was such a fat baby!!!

Ah, yes :) That is me lol
*The top left corner picture is when I used to do ballet back in the day :) "The Nutcracker"*

Oh my! Super old!

Awww!!!!<3 My cousins (and brother)

Shells Bells and I :) oh myy goooooodneeesss!

EASTER!!!! Mamaw and the grandkids :)
And last but not least :)
My school picture back when I went to Franklin Elementary in Bakersfield :)
Yes, those are braces...
Probably the best picture of me in braces but...lol!

As I go through more boxes, I will scan the ones I like and post them on my blog :) Hope you enjoyed the "flashback" lol! :)

*And can I just say, THANK YOU to whoever invented tweezers and waxing (for eyebrows)!!! That saved my life! LOL!!!!*


Kendra Thaler said...

hahahahahahaha!!! How funny! Love old pics!

Jason and Mari Rowell said...

I see you like the scanner by your computer, huh... cute pictures :)

Love ya