Rambling and Random

So I guess this'll be a rambling random post about everything :p

I really haven't had much to talk about...literally :/ Like I haven't wanted to text anyone lately....And GOOD POSTS have not come across my page in a week or two.

Weird, huh? Plus haven't been able to sleep (waking up and not getting much sleep)...and some weird dreams :/ Pretty random, I know!

And I'm ending the post here...hopefully I'll find time inbetween finals to write a GREAT post to make up for this boring stuff!!


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Kendra Thaler said...

haha I start feeling that way sometimes. Brendan and I found a few things that help us sleep. For one, keep a bible open in your room. If you're waking up a lot just start reading (usually it will put you to sleep). Also lately we have been listening to nature sounds (like ocean waves, rain, thunderstorms..) and it knocks us out all night! haha.
But we all have times in life where it gets random and feels kind scattered. Perhaps even blank. Its annoying lol. Its like living in a colorless world right?
Don't worry, God will color everything bright and vividly again ;) I LOVE YOU!!!

P.S. the devil messes with the minds of those who are a threat. Don't think for one second that those midnight prayers didn't mean anything in the spiritual realm! Ask God to gird up the loins of your mind and keep fightin prayer warrior!