Are you ready!?

Most of ...You know that PEAK 2010 is in ONE WEEK!!!

*shouts-Thank you Jesus!*

PEAK has been going on since 2008 and is a WPF conference :) If you have never been, I hope you are going this year or in the years to come! There is NO OTHER youth conference like this! I am NOT joking! Go onto youtube.com and check out "PEAK youth conference" ... You will be amazed, you will feel the annointing JUST through watching those videos...Now, imagine if you were actually there! The annointing is so strong at this conference :) My youth group got slain, people recieved the Holy Ghost, our lives were changed!!

PEAK is in Tulsa, Oklahoma at the Spirit Bank Arena. Go check it out!! Stop by and sit in one of the services (if you CAN sit lol, you'll see what I mean by the videos)

We are NOT ASHAMED to JUMP, DANCE, RUN, SHOUT, and CRY!!!! Don't be afraid to shout your hair out! Don't be afraid to take off them high heels! Don't be afraid to take off that suit jacket so you can have more shoutin' room! Woo!!! Don't be afraid to come to PEAK '10


I'll see you there! :D

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