Life Changing Conference

We expected changes and that's what we got every service…

Friday morning, Bro. Buxton (pastor in Chula Vista, Ca), preached. When he started preaching standards, everyone in the place was shouting' "AMEN!" and saying "COME ON!" And then he started talking about Twitter and Facebook. Wooo!!!!! You can bet some people got quiet lol

         "You better get off of facebook
               and get YOUR FACE in THE BOOK!!!!"

-Bro. Buxton

Man! Some good preaching that morning! And at altar call, he told everyone to get out of the way and have anyone wanting to be in the ministry to come forward and try and get in the altar. It was amazing. I felt so good that morning. Sis. Rachel came up to me and hugged me and said she was excited for what was in store for me. Man, I was in tears. I want to be used by God! I may be just a 15 year old girl but I know God can use me!!

Friday night…indescribable. My youth group tried to testify about it and STILL we couldn’t fully explain what happened. Bro. Marks preached about babies (new converts) and revival in our churches…He did a demonstration and had everyone squat or sit down.

“Stand up if you still think holiness is an essential part of revival.

*everyone stands*

Sit down.

Stand up if you think prayer is part of revival.

 *everyone stands*

 Sit down.”

He goes on several more times and he finally says,

Stand up if you are actively teaching a Bible study…

*about 25 stand up….people start crying as conviction sweeps over*

Sit down…..

 Stand up if you have ever won a soul.

*the same people stand up….all of us start crying out to God and repenting as the conviction doubles.*

Sit down *as he cries*”

I feel like crying now. I can’t escape that feeling!!! The feeling of I NEED to witness! I NEED to do SOMETHING!! ANYTHING!! GOD!!!

If you could have seen us at the altar, our youth group was just doubled over crying over souls and the burden we felt. Calvary Apostolic’s youth IS changed. When we testified on Sunday, our church people said they SAW and FELT the change! GET READY ONTARIO!!!! Calvary Apostolic is blitzing this city!!! REVIVAL!!!! SOULS!!!

And in the words of Bro. Cody Marks,
“SOUL WINNERS!!! GO!!! GO!!! GO!!!!!!!”

*my posts are reminders for me and what I felt at that time...for some, this won't make sense*

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