PEAK Pictures Post #2


The next couple posts are going to be from the services :)


YAY!!! *BIG SMILES* Time for church :)
Steven gives a big thumbs up!

Jonathan, Miguel and Michael :) studs :p
They probably got about 5 girls' numbers ;)

Sis Alicia and Sis Rachel!!! *cheese!!*
Great chaperons!!

Umm... Huh???

Take 2 lol :)

Fleepers and I :D awww!

Us girls(: <3 <3 <3

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Mary Frances said...

Heeeeeeeeeey girl!!!
Is there any chance that I am gonna be seeing you at Youth Alive in September?!?! I soooooo wanna meet you!!! Oh and btw- I am STEALING your Bro. Buxton quote to put on my FB status!!! HAHA! ;)