How-To for Picnik

Okay :)

Awhile ago, Mary [from Classic Mary Moments ] suggested I do a post about how to use picnik.com !!! And all the cool editing tools :) I'll use this picture:

and show the end result :) Really, it's simple! I'll explain it to you in 4 steps! You just have to be creative!!! Kendra Thaler also uses picnik.com on some of her photos. Check out her page and see how she uses picnik :) For picnik, there are premium and FREE effects. I use the FREE ones :) the effects will say if it's premium or not.

Step 1: after I uploaded my photo on picnik, I do touch ups (rotate, use red eye if need be, crop the photo for a more closed-in effect if I feel like it'll look better, and adjust the exposure and color) You have to fiddle with the adjusting and some stuff you won't even use because it might not look right :) but give it a try because ya neva know lol

Step 2: go to the 'create' tab and go to touch ups. You'll want to do any necessary touch ups :) there is blemish fix and teeth whiten and many other but I suggest only these 2 (because they are FREE)

Step 3: stay in the 'create' tab but go to effects... I love pretty much ALL of them and have used probably ALL of them as well :) The ones I use the most are: black&white, soften, vignette, cross-process, focal b&w, focal soften, and if u scroll down to the bottom of the effects, there is "adjustable threshold" :) I use that and you have to do alot of adjusting to fit the picture.

Step 4: Now, you can either go to 'text' and 'stickers' (and add some words/clip arts to your picture) or you can finish and save your photo!   

Wallah! You're done :) Like I said, you are going to have to play around with it and do what fits your style :) It's super awesome!

Have fun picniking!

P.S If you have any other questions, feel free to leave a comment :)

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Kendra Thaler said...

I love picnik! haha!!