Lakeside Laughter

Last night:

My goodness! I had soo much fun last night!!!!!!
I met several new people ♥ LOL :)
And the girls I was hanging with and I invented our "chola [wannabe] walk" ;)
Miss Kelsey knows what I'm talking about!!!!
We died laughing walking across the buffets and doing 'the walk'
.....and we silently got rebuked ;) hahaha
Man, whoever wasn't there missed out!!!!

A few pictures:

At youth services (or any service in general), have you gone up to someone and it seems like you've met them but honestly...you've only heard of them "through the grapevine" (if that's the right term lol!)??? I'm guilty :p hahaha

Well, last night I was talking with Alicia, one of my new friends from Lakeside :), and I know her sister Taylor (I met her at camp in '08). Alicia was like, "ohhh!!! I have a bunch of pictures of you on my computer and I never met you! Lol..." and the conversation goes on :p and we start talking about how we know people but NEVER met them :p haha I guess that's just us Apostolics, right? ;)

Hahaha think about it though!!! We know EVERYBODY but we haven't MET everybody which is why you go and make yourself friendly and have fun meeting those people :) and pretend you don't know their name ;) lol!

Lots of Love,

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