Nifty Finds(:

Sooooooo!!! I went to Quality Thrift store on Saturday (w/my mommy)!!!
Eeeek! WOW!!! GREAT DEALS and lovely vintage finds :D

I just looked up the address: 4433 Holt Blvd Montclair, CA 91763
:) hope you can stop by and shop around lol

Anyways, I got a new suit :) size 2P *and it fits PERFECTLY!! Even the skirt :D Excited!!! I already sent it to the dry cleaners  lol*
I got a new vintage dress!!! I'll post a picture somewhere in this post lol
Okay, we probably bought almost 10 purses!! Well, clutches :) and all vintage!! I love 'em!! Also, tons of new hair stuff! I wish they had a vintage hat but I didn't find one when we went :(

And everything was sooo cheap! My suit was $15 (the most expensive) to like 50 cents a hair piece :) plus the purses *I also bought a little vintage backpack* were buy 1 get 1 free!!! :D wow!

Isn't it awesome!?

This is my cousin Justin & I :) That's my dress, it's a light grey/green with white and pink stripes and one of the clutches! :)) I added the tie around my waist :) and you can't see my pink heels but it tied everyting together. I got a ton of compliments on my whole outfit :) so that means I did something right, right!? Lol.

One was from Papaw: It went something like this. . .

(with a HUGE smile on his face)

Papaw... "Meg, where'd you get that dress?"
Me... "The thrift store."
Papaw... "Where did you get those shoes?"
Me... "I bought them several years ago frm payless!" :))
Papaw... "Wow! It goes perfect together!!!"

LOL!!! And Papaw doesn't usually compliment like that!!! He'll just say "You look pretty hun'" :) but WOW! When Papaw said that I was like "omw!" lol! It surprised me! :)) It made me feel good lol

I guess the saying is true!!!!

"OLD really is NEW" :))

Have a lovely day <3
Don't forget to add a little vintage to your wardrobe.
It makes the world of a difference!



I really loved the whole alfit sis, very pretty. I have yet to go to that thrift store but I am going to head over there. Well love you sis!!!!!

Kendra Thaler said...

wooo hoo! Old is new and Megg is a cute kid!

Anonymous said...

I LOVE your dress <3 I'm jelous ;) but, seriously thrift stores have awesome deals! - Joy