Our Full Potential [Part 2]

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Taking another role for the time being:

I may be saying, "That's where I'm supposed to be!" (out in the fields, using weapons I've had little experience with) but God says, "No, no Daughter. Step over here, please. You have some learning to do before you walk that way."

Sure, my strengths were over there but right now, I have to learn and be consistent in prayer. I need to sharpen my tools. I need to learn how to save a soul. Learn, learn, learn! I need to be prepared! 

When God is saying NO to that path, He is leading me to another one where I can grow in Him. You see, I will overcome trials, build more faith, pray more, get more revelations down this road to prepare me for the one I so desperately wanted to go down just a short time ago. 

When you see a glacier, you only see the small portion on top, right? The ice underneath is 10x longer and wider than what you see!!! That's how God sees us. He sees all our potential and if you ALLOW Him to use you, that bottom part will show up. And soon you'll look like this...

You just have to let God take control of your talents, your walk, and all your life. He'll take all that potential you have and use you!
Another picture she used was:

When you start letting God use you, the devil sees the LION, not a kitten. We may look ourselves in the mirror and say "oh, that's just plain ole' Meagan," but what we don't see is the devil on the other side of the mirror and you know what he sees!? He sees the image of God!!

Let God use us to our FULL POTENTIAL!!!

God bless :) and take care Readers!

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