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What's going on?

School starts September 7th. . .

I'm going to be busy with everything from finding a job to trying to make it to outreach and youth services. There is going to be so much homework and a lot of studying this year. :/ Unbelievable.

By the way, I do Independent Studies with Connections Academy and it is all online. I pretty much teach myself :/ which is why I will be so busy!

I apologize *in advance* for the lack of posts that are soon to come :(

There was my random part of the post... Now, onto other things :)


I am trying to find a job. I've been praying for one :) I believe I will be able to get one, too... The other day I babysat one of the Sister's daughters from church. When she came to pick her up she told me she would be going back to work soon and needed a babysitter :) I told her that I would if she would like. Soooo, we'll see if God doesn't mind :) lol and if that doesn't work, I'm trying to find an evening job because I babysit my baby brother during the day and I also have school (very flexible schedule though lol)... we shall see!


We had outreach last night!!! Everyone met up at 7pm for prayer before we actually went anywhere. Around 7:30, we headed towards Lowes (there are apartments on the sides and businesses as well) while my youth pastor, Uncle Jeffrey, stayed and prayed.

We all went to these new apartments on the side of Lowes. It was gated, but God made a way to get us in ;) lol As soon as we walked in, there was a girl outside waiting, several of our young people went to talk to her *more on her later*... We all split up. Lauren, Moses, Miguel & I went together. Kendra called Lauren and I over to go talk to couple that were by their car. Well... lol they didn't really want to talk so Kendra went back to go with Brendan while Lauren and I walked 10 feet and stood there deciding where we would go. I looked up and there was a door right in front of us and I asked Lauren, "What about this door?" :) I immediately felt like we should knock and talk to the person. A girl around my age, Anna, opened the door :) Now, I had been praying that we got more girls in our youth group that night. So I was thinking "YES God! Thank you!" LOL so we talked to her for a few minutes. Then we left again and were walking and trying to be really sensitive to where God wanted us to go. (we weren't afraid to knock doors anymore) lol... so we would turn corners suddenly, run up the stairs to the 2nd or 3rd floor and knock on certain doors :) We even went outside someones back patio lol! we got several good responses though!!! On our way to this corner apartment, we meet up with more of our young people!!! surprise, surprise lol. They were talking to Alysa, the girl we saw at the gate!!! (they were the same young people that talked to her earlier) so I got her number and she seemed REALLY interested and I told her if she needed a ride we could pick her up :)

It was time for us to leave so we all gathered together at one spot near the front. Well, another young lady walks out of this gym area and is like "hey! what's going on here!? Hahaha" so I walk up to her and talk to her! Saying we are on outreach and inviting people to church!!! There was a whole long conversation lol but she really wants to come too!!!! Soo we will most likely pick her up too :D woo! I was so happy at the end of the night that I was singing when we were on our way out lol!

God is SOOO good!!!! Amen!?

Keep praying for your city :) Something's going to break soon and all the souls will flood in!

God bless :)


That is so awesome, I am really excited for our church and really think our youth group is awesome. We are going to just going to grow and grow...........Thanks youth for all your works.
Mary Frances said…
That is soooo COOL! Your VERY inspiring Meagan!!! ♥ya!!! :)

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