Will you?

My girls can definitely relate to this ;)

*phone vibrates*

You have a text from your best friend...

*phone vibrates again*

O o o o! Hey! Its that really cute guy you met at the youth service Friday night!!!

*You end up texting the boy before your friend*

Do we do that with God?? We see God's "text" and then something else comes up!

"I got a phone call!"
"I had to pay some bills that were due---yesterday!!!"

Something ALWAYS comes up right when God calls!!!

Has this ever happened to you?

You wake up in the morning and think about your 'prayer closet'...

You lay there until it's too late and you have to get dressed and ready for work or school.

You said you would get to it later but around noontime, you have even more things you have to finish.

Has this ever happened to you?

You're texting your friends before bed...

You look over at your Bible and think about prayer before you lay down to sleep.

Before you know it, you went to sleep without prayer.

Without reading a few chapters of the Word.

Has this ever happened to you?

I know that I've fallen into this "trap"....

                             and I'm not falling into it anymore...

Will you??

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Kendra Thaler said...

Great post! I WILL! The good will.. like I will answer the call from God and not the phone! haha! BUT if God texts me I'll text Him back too. I'm no respector of the type of communication!! :) JK! LOL