Teachers Through Christ(:

I know that everyone who has read my blog, has gone to school before. :)

Do you remember your first day in a brand new school? You had no friends and absolutely no clue WHAT to do or WHERE to go! You wished you were at your old school so bad but. . . There was no possible way to go back. You had to face it. You were here for year (or less in some cases).

I've felt this way SO many times. I moved constantly. The longest I went to a school was 3 years!!!! Then we moved again. It was hard for me to make friends :/ can you believe that!? Lol Me? Miss Outgoing Meagan :) It happens to all of us at one point in time.

I remember my first day in 8th grade, Waite Middle School in Norwalk. Wow, it was sooo different than ALL my other schools. I was like oh no. I didn't know what to do :p or where I was lol My 1st period teacher was alright... We kinda had some problems :p lol because on the very first day, I corrected her on her teaching. Kids, don't EVER do that! I learned the hard way! LOL! So, 2nd period went way better :) Mr. Bittner is an awesome teacher. He also understood why I wore skirts everyday :) He was a non-denominational pastor. Even though he wasn't Pentecostal or Apostolic, I was soooo glad he was just there and understood me! :) You have no idea how I felt lol... all my other teachers were really cool too :) they made someone who was new, feel at home :)

Ryan, my brother who is in 5th grade now, needed help with his homework and my parents just weren't explaining it right...So my dad told me to help him because I knew how to explain problems better and all that good stuff :) Patience was needed throughout the whole "lesson" lol I can honestly say, I'll make a great teacher if I have patience like that :p But we finished all his homework for the day and got it ready to turn in for the next day. I told him to tell his teacher that if she needs any help, I'm willing to do what she needed :)

And last night before going to sleep, I thought of this post. We are supposed to be like this  but spiritually:

 We have to be teachers, spiritually :)

When a BRAND NEW baby comes into church, they have no friends, no idea what to do or where to go! Right? They feel the exact same way as we do when we go into a new school. They are the student, and we are the teachers :) Do you get what I'm trying to say? We have to make them feel welcome, make them feel at home and feel like they are family.

When they have problems with "homework," be there to help them!!! They may be going trough some things and you know how to get through it. (Isn't that why we go through some trials? To help someone else.) And most likely, you are going to need patience :) They may not get some things at first but after a little bit more explaining, they will come to the conclusion, or get the revelation :)

Lol, I really hope you understand. . .

. . .WE have to be teachers!!


Mary Frances said...

Thats cool! One of my friends wrote a poem recently that I think you would like! Its about "knowing more than your teacher!" HAHA! I'll post it on my blog and then if you like it you can steal it! LOL Btw- DO TELL what you corrected your teacher on...DYING TO KNOW!!! HAHAHAHAH!!!

Meagan Rowell said...

Lol k I want to read it!

Lol it was just about a problem for algebra :) hahaha she was like what!? and I think after that, she didn't like me to well LOL