Busy Busy Busy!

Seriously! Every weekend is jam packed for the next couple months! Lol :) I love it but it is going to be SO crazy :)

This Friday night, we have Youth Summit at my church! Bro. Nathan Morton is preaching!!! Exciting! I love going to youth services and hearing the good Word of the Lord :D

Saturday night, our youth will be going to the Day After Drama (remember, the one that we did?) the Bakersfield church is putting on. I can't wait. Altars are going to be flooded with people.

Next weekend is my Uncle Jerry's (his church in Yuma,AZ) church anniversary services. We will be going there Friday @ noon and coming back Saturday afternoon :) I get to see family! woo woo! All the youth is going too.

The weekend after that is HALLOWEEN!!! Our church is going to be having a Harvest Fest at the park! :D yayyy!! You are all invited to come :)

Also! My hair tutorial blog is up and running :) LADIES! Take a look. Comment. Give me some ideas and let me know what you want to see.

That's it for this month... :)

Anyways, God is doing great things at our church. The Lord has been moving in our services so strong! It's absolutely amazing!!!

So there was my little update :) lol
Love you all!!! Meaggers <3

How have you been doing? :)
Has revival broken out in your church?!
How many souls have been won so far!?!


Mary Frances said...

Oh whats the dates for your uncle's anniversary services??? I should see if my brother wants to go!!!

Meagan Rowell said...

It's next weekend!!! :) Friday night and Saturday morning. Yuma, AZ. I believe the night service starts @ 7 and the morning service on Saturday @ 11